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A Dandelion Is Such A Surprise, Like That Of Winning A Garden Prize!

I have found the wonderful, mystical, simplistic pleasure in observing, holding and enjoying the visual and sensational experience of a Dandelion!

A Dandelion is a Whimsical Flower,

Here is how it goes…

Amongst the shrubs, flowers and the buds

Oh how I enjoy gardens!

Nature, so beautiful, any season of the year.

Colours, shapes, varieties, uniqueness

They are all there, in the garden!

Like when I drift into Painting, that is my my special bliss!


A garden doesn’t necessarily need to be lovely manicured.

A garden may be wild, with bees and butterflies floating and then all of a sudden a Dandelion appears!

Slightly waving and peaking above the rest

How thrilled I become…

I cut it with its stem!

A Dandelion Is Such A Surprise, Like That Of Winning A Garden Prize!

Now in my gentle clutch it will remain throughout my expedition walk,

As I make my way through my adventure of another beautiful garden.

A Dandelion flower, plant is so special

One of the best…!

It is fluffy,

It is delicate,


A Dandelion is abstract!

A Dandelion flower plant is such a surprise, like that of winning a garden prize!


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Marisa Angelis  - Artist
Marisa Angelis – Artist

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