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The Peoplescape – Nomination, The Centenary Of Federation 2001 Celebrating Extraordinary Australian People In A Once in a Lifetime Historic Event

Above: Marisa Angelis -Artist with Peoplescape Figure 2001 – Nomination

Fellow Australians nominated Marisa Angelis -Artist for The Peoplescape – The Centenary of Federation 2001.  Marisa Angelis gained recognition for Artist, Designer, Writer, Poet and depicted in a life size cut out of ‘Marisa Angelis Peoplescape Figure

Peoplescape Figure Of Marisa Angelis 2001

Video of the completed Peoplescape Figure of Marisa Angelis -Artist

Whilst Australia celebrated nation-wide, honouring the nominees, the people of ‘All Walks of Lives and Backgrounds’, with concerts, fireworks displays, school programs and events, nationally, people were busy decorating blank life-size figures – with paint, photography, poetry and many other creative forms transforming them into Peoplescape Figures.

Historic Service and Heritage Research Centre, Mitcham, South Australia

With one of the volunteers, the most delightful Julie Keay, dressed in Federation attire joined Marisa and guests for the local Project Exhibition of Nominees celebrating Federation at the Eastern Suburb Regional Historic Societies 

‘The Peoplescape’ – Angelis’s second nomination – depicted in life size cut out and recognised for ‘Artist, Designer, Writer, Poet’

Marisa Angelis with Peoplescape Figure at the Peoplescape Community Exhibition Presentation Historic Trust South Australia © Marisa Angelis 2001 – 2021

A website of the same name enabled the world to view Peoplescape Figures and stories.

The installation covered the landscape and figures withstood gale-force winds, rain and sunshine attracting audiences who wandered through ‘the Peoplescape exhibition’, reading the inspirational stories of both women and men whilst enjoying the creative effort of each and every Peoplescape figure.

The ABC Television (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) broadcasted the live concert nationally from Canberra, Australia’s capital with leading Australian entertainers celebrating the spirit of the Australian people and featured The Peoplescape exhibition.

Surviving Peoplescape Figures, were to be placed/ exhibited in The National Museum Canberra – Australia.


The National Council for the Centenary of Federation published a lasting legacy of the Centenary year which includes all Peoplescape Figures together with the names of nominees and the historic event. 

Above: Marisa Angelis’s Peoplescape Figure / Nomination is featured in the book The Peoplescape – Celebrating Australians by Michael Mckernan HGB Hardie Grant Books 2002 in conjunction with the National Council for the Centenary of Federation – Photos by Andrew Hobbs Photography, The figure is on the cover, page 2 and appears on page 207 (above another person’s name).

All Artwork Images Photography, Text on Peoplescape Figure together with Blog – Images/ Photography – Text/ Story, Video Art
© Marisa Angelis
Marisa Angelis -Artist wears Necklace, Designed Created – Handmade by Marisa Angelis – Artist Painter Designer Writer Poet Photographer