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It Was Meant To Be My Beautiful Pugalier Sage

Always Ask Your Dog!  Video Art © Marisa Angelis  -Artist 

Sage – Waving, Dinners Ready!

Sage – Answering a Call
Sage – The Pup with Marisa

Sage – Smiling

Sage – The Artistic Assistant Arting !

Marisa wears Luxury Necklace #Handmade MarisaAngelis -Artist Designer

Sage – In the Garden, Gardening

Sage – On Holidays – Sleeping

I named him Sage and he rushed to me without hesitation and the breeder announced; “take him!  He’s yours!”  “He even has your eyes” Laughing out loud – that’s what she said!

Sage barks; ‘dinner is ready, humans naughty, dogs near, stop… Wait, you left without… Go back’ – Synchronised everything! 

Blocks my path. ‘Something’s not right!’ ‘Get it right… !’ “Thank you Sage! Good Dog!”

Sage’s eyes bulge out ‘did you see that?!” Or he will say “Come! Come!” (“Ellahh! Ellahh!”) in Greek!

Sage once discovered a koala in my backyard!

Sage likes girl pooches, tried to jump on a few after being approached by them first as they stuck their tongues on him or laid down flat out in front of him! Hilarity as the other dog owners get surprised! Their girls are tarts!

Children will always yell “Pug!  Pug!”


Above: sage_the_pugalier in action on Instagram! All images © Marisa Angelis –

Sage is a beautiful loving pet and family member.

Sage was named after The Three Wise Men! ‘The Sages’

“Button nose Sage, is a legend, a Fun Guy!”

Smile…. What Are You Waiting For

“What if there is a dog breed that has Pug and King Charles Cavalier, is golden brown in colour, gentle, patient, helpful and kind just like a Rottweiler only miniature?”  

Pugalier or Pug X

After five months, I was ready for my next pet dog.

Pugaliers were difficult to find in South Australia and I was hoping to meet the pup to ‘be’ and see if the pup chose me.

Winter, heavy stormy weekend, Saturday morning and I awoke after a dream with an inkling.

The local newspapers’ pet section read, ‘Pugalier puppies ready to go; one male, two females…’ Just like that ‘Wow!’ This is the one!  

In the dream, my friend who had passed appeared with Cavalier pups.

On the phone, the breeder said all three pups were still available.

My father accompanied me through the now wild storm to Strathalbyn, passing paddocks with horses, stables, scrub, getting lost and asking horse riders and locals for directions…. 

Wrong turn!

“Dad, I don’t know what this intersection is, there’s no sign!”

It was dark and then, suddenly, the rain stopped, the sun shone and the most gigantic rainbow appeared over us as we drove through admiring the vibrant colours …

This was The Sign!

The pups’ mother kissed my hands as the male puppy entered the room observing me. I looked at his cuteness, ‘Hello…   Come’ and he did! 



Sage was born in Strathalbyn, South Australia

All Artwork Images Photography, Text / Blog / Story, Video Art 
© Marisa Angelis  
Marisa Angelis -Artist wears Necklace, Designed Created – Handmade by Marisa Angelis – Artist Painter Designer Writer Poet Photographer