The Loft


Medium:  Artistic Acrylic Paint  External Frame:  No Surface Material:   Artwork Details:  Width:  38cm Height:  51.5 cm Depth:   Weight:  2.327 Kilograms Signed inside on Work of Art and Underneath The Loft – This Dollhouse does not contain nudity or adult themes The Loft – 2017 by Marisa Angelis – Artist Designer / MHAngelis – Painter © Marisa Angelis – Artist .com

THE LOFT – – Whimsical – Quirky four story plus ensuite bathroom – Luxury Dollhouse/ Dollshouse – Keepsake – Art Piece – Model – A Work of Art !

“Ladies, Gentleman, Boys and Girls, welcome to The Loft !

⦿ At the very top Removable Large and Small Acrylic Roof Top and Bathroom covers
Large Cover slips into cut out slits
Small Cover (above Bathroom/ Ensuite) slips behind the green mesh wall with green line Canopy effect (facing the back)

⦿ Top Floor – Bedroom
Ocean Oriental Theme and fully furnished with fixed and removable furniture and extras
Removable side cupboard (door opens and closes)
Removable Bed and Bedding
Removable Dresser/ Cupboard (doors open and close)
Removable material in wardrobe
Ocean theme ornaments – Groovy Fixtures
Everything else is fixed;
Headboard wall feature with ornament
Large round feature with Mirror
Lime green night Lamp
Shelf with feature
Dolphin Wall Art
Inside Bedroom – Acrylic Patterned Backing

⦿ The Bathroom – Washroom – Ensuite
Featuring an Ocean theme throughout
Removable ‘Towels’ from the towel rack
Glass Brick windows
Acrylic Ocean Wave Wall separates the Bedroom from the Ensuite, detailed Wash Basin and Cupboard, Bath Tub, Mirror, Seahorses, Taps, Cakes of Soap, Fish, Turtle, Octopus, Pelican
A mesh Wall to enjoy the View between Bedroom and Ensuite!


⦿ Kitchen on the Second floor
A complete modern Ocean Boho kitchen with a hint of Greek isles
The mirrored column adds a touch of modern to this lovely atmosphere with work benches and ample shelving;
Kitchen Sink with Tap and Cupboard (work benches on either side), work bench with modern Oven and shelf above, double electric Stove top cupboard (controls are between stove tops and oven) with Range Hood, Refrigerator with floral Platter, Shelf with bottom draw features a display Bowl, and Napkins (removable), Starfish art piece on wall around the corner
Removable Kitchen Table with Four matching Chairs
Removable two Chairs – Pink and Blue (for the dinner guest!)
Removable large display colour/ color wheel Platter
Removable silver – gold kitchen/ cooking Frying Pan
Removable large Bowl of Pasta/ Spaghetti
Removable Green Bottle
Inside Kitchen – Acrylic Patterned Backing
Outside of Kitchen Window features Awning

Time to Relax… Or Entertain the Guests ?

Third Floor

⦿ Lounge Room / Entertainment area
Flat Widescreen Television
Art Deco Cabinet
Continued Mirrored Column (from kitchen above) with Floating open Box Shelf containing a Vase
On the floor Glass feature Lamp
Bookshelf with six Books
Stand with abstract Pot and Fern Plant
Above the window miniature Abstract Expressionism Wall Art Sculpture – signed by me The Artist Designer – Painter ‘MHAngelis’
Removable Rug
Removable two Arm Chairs and Sofa/ with removable Cushions and Bases
Removable Lounge ‘Coffee’ Table
Removable small Mirrored top Table
Inside Lounge – Large Back Acrylic Window
Outside of Lounge Window features Awning

⦿ Carport / Garage
Open space for vehicle (e.g. Fits a 1:24 Scale – Diecast/ Plastic convertible car)
Inside Carport / Garage – Acrylic Patterned Backing

⦿ Installed Fairy Lights for ambience !

⦿ Measurements
Height: 51.5 cm
Width: approx.. 38 cm from the left of the Kitchen Windows Awning to the far right end of the Bathroom’s Wall

If you are interested in Filling ‘The Loft’ with People figures; ‘Playmobil’ Children/ Kids fit well at Height: 5.2 cm
NB: These figurines or similar at 5.2 cm Height fit into 1:24 car/ vehicle (regarding Carport/ Garage) = Tested

⦿ ⦿ Photograph number six; (includes two photographs inside the Lounge Room / Entertainment area
With Fairy Light off and Fairy Lights on plus I have included ‘Jack, Jane and Joy’ – Playmobil Children/ Kids 5.2 cm Height – (Not included with The Loft – for photograph example only.)
Jack, Jane and Joy are admiring the awesome Abstract Expressionism Wall Art Sculpture signed by The Artist MHAngelis 2017 and displays (fixed) above the Sofa and above the Lounge Window that radiates ‘Happy Art’

⦿ Underneath The Loft, I have attached cushioning to the four corner points, to protect surfaces and prevent The Loft from rubbing.
Also underneath – Signed by The Artist – ‘MHAngelis 2017’ (with date)

⦿ Recommended for Ages 8+ Big Children, Big Adult Children, Big Kids, Big Adult Kids… Alike !

The Loft – Poem

“The Loft stands irregular, it is quirky and burst into laughter…
With its array of colour/ color, design, style, texture,
The Loft is luxury quality, fun and awesomeness
There is no other of its kind anywhere in the world
The Loft is high above – special in themes and in its enjoyable extremes” by Marisa Angelis

⦿ This is a Keepsake!

– by Marisa Angelis – Artist Designer  – MHAngelis – Painter


Additional information

Weight 2.327 kg
Dimensions 51.5 × 38 cm


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