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Creatively Dedicated Artists Painters People Always Find A Way

It is just another way of why we are Blessed and avoid

The Exhilaration Buzz Of New Stationery Arts Crafts Supplies

hopped on a Rainbow, riding on the

Poem – My Painters Easels And I Always Have A Great Time!

White We are professionally attached and they are a lovely touch amongst other

Naturally Drawn To The Colour White For My Painters’ Signature

White is a lovely touch amongst other

From The Depth of My Arting Heart Of Painting

It is these that assist me to create my Gold!

Make Your Wall Space Talk Colour

Others may choose a piece of art, Luxury Art, a Luxury Painting – as

Souvenirs Are A Small Token Of Happiness Something One Purchases To Remember A Happy Viewing Event Tour Time Place Experience Professional Persons Company With The Joy Of Excitement To Make As Many More Aware

Remember my Art with ‚Äėa little, or a lot‚Äô / Many Souvenirs!

Passionate People From All Walks Of Life Spreading Cultural Awareness

people from Europe, Asia, Africa, Arabic nations, USA, Australia and everywhere else in the world

Spreading Hope Through My Suns And Sunshine

He said “All of your work here is great! But I want to point out to you that

My Fascination With All Awesome Things Of Ocean Sea

The Ocean and the Sea – Tend to follow

Angels Are Love Angels Are Light Angels Are Universal Messengers

In most cultures, religions, In faith, in Art, Paintings,

I Like The Colour Grey… Why Do People Find It Confusing?

Grey, may be a Blend In – Shade In – Fade In with the rest Colour

When It Comes To Painting I Am Professionally Greedy Painter Artist!

When It Comes To Painting I Am Professionally Greedy Painter Artist

It Is Joy From My Soul That Pours Into Paint Colour That Mixes Blends And Shades Into My Work Of Transforming Art Into My Final Product Of Fine Luxury Paintings

My Artworks Paintings are Luxury Paintings Love Soul Spirit and Happiness is always poured into them through paint Colour, Design and Creation

It Was A Heartfelt Journey Adding My Lifetimes Luxury Paintings In Chronological Order To My Portfolio

It Was A Heartfelt Journey Adding My Lifetimes Luxury Paintings In Chronological Order To My Portfolio

My Brushes Are Made Of Natural Wood And Bristles, They Feel Great To Work With

My brushes need to be of natural wood and bristles, they feel

Sunshine Is Earth’s Gold, It Uplifts and Glows The Being…

Sunshine Is Earth’s Gold photograph ¬© Marisa Angelis – Artist This is one of my favourite photographs ! Capturing The Glowing Sunshine Lighting Up The Sea Sunshine Is Earth’s Gold, It Uplifts and Glows The Being Sunshine Talks to The Sea and Together Nature Works Magnificently! In Beautiful Adelaide, South Australia, Australia Nature, The Environment‚Ķ

Uriel The Angel – Explosive! Luxury Painting From Greek Hebrew

Uriel is What You see

Delighted That Visitors Signed, Dated And Commented My Book

I noticed that most people would automatically pick up the pen

Vibrant Adelaide, South Australia Beautiful Throughout Any Season

one of the best planned cities in the world.

Are You The Artist, On The Radio Station?

Back then no one knew the term Cultural Diversity or what it was/is.  

A Dandelion Is Such A Surprise, Like That Of Winning A Garden Prize!

Now in my gentle clutch it will remain throughout my expedition in the

It Remains Forever Embedded Into My Creative Being…

I see how the rest of the world has influenced Australia my country of birth and in particular

You Laid The Foundations For My Artistic Journey Ahead… We Just Didn’t Know It At That Time. I Suppose Destiny And Love Work Like That

my excitement, my inspiration for liquid colour РPaint began at an early age!  I noticed how the liquid stained

It Was A Lovely Surprise To Discover A Smiling Koala

It was a lovely surprise to discover a smiling koala waiting for us i

It Was Meant To Be My Beautiful Pugalier Sage

Sage rushed towards me without hesitation and the breeder announced; ‚Äútake him! He‚Äôs yours!‚ÄĚ

The Peoplescape – Nomination, The Centenary Of Federation 2001 Celebrating Extraordinary Australian People In A Once in a Lifetime Historic Event

Marisa Angelis‚Äôs Peoplescape Figure / Nomination is featured in the book The Peoplescape ‚Äď Celebrating Australians

Orchids, An Awesome Spiritual Story of Life Stages, Events and Love

The Orchids were left abandoned and they were waiting for me! As I looked at them and waited to see if anyone would return to claim them…

Diversity… A Painting – Questioning Quote… What do You think?

Population painting… Quote

The 9 Colours of The Rainbow…

As I add the photographic images of my Paintings I am working / Arting with…


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Hi World! Welcome!

Hi World! Welcome…

© Marisa Angelis РArtist

Marisa Angelis – Artist, Painter, Designer, Writer, Poet, Photographer

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