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It Was A Heartfelt Journey Adding My Lifetimes Luxury Paintings In Chronological Order To My Portfolio

It was a heartfelt journey adding my lifetimes Luxury Paintings in chronological order to my website's
Portfolio !

As an Artist, Painter It was of highest importance to add my Luxury Paintings - thus far!

Working solidly for two and a half weeks and with hardly any time to do anything else, I disappeared from everything and everyone to sort out my portfolio!

Father’s day in Australia arrived and my Paintings Portfolio was finally up to date and complete. With more artworks in the ‘Arting - Painting’ works !

Where did the time go?!

Blink, blink!

I remember looking at the long list of titles and dates of my paintings/ Artworks and feeling a confident - patient - breathe in and out ‘here I go’ feeling!

It was a long awaited moment in my Art life ...

To Everyone and Anyone reading my blog “I present United Colours Art Exhibition my Portfolio of Paintings of 99% of my Paintings!”

Fact: I have been virtually exhibiting my Luxury Paintings on my online Art Exhibition since 2005

So now with Great pleasure...
- Luxury Paintings of Abstract, Expressionism, Surreal, Contemporary, Vibrant, Multicultural, Cultural Diverse - Paintings created with Love - Happy Art by MHAngelis Painter - that’s me - Marisa Angelis - Artist me also!

Enjoy ❤️

· ‘ United Colours Art Exhibition – Paintings – Luxury Paintings portfolio by MHAngelis MHA – MarisaAngelis -Artist ‘



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Marisa Angelis – Artist
Marisa Angelis – Artist

Visual Artist, Painter, Designer, Writer, Poet, Photographer


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