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From The Depth of My Arting Heart Of Painting

Artist, Marisa Angelis / Painter MHAngelis / Arting on ‘Celebration’ 2021 Luxury Painting

© Marisa Angelis – Artist

From The Depth of My Arting Heart Of Painting

First, I place the surface before me
Professionally Artistic of course!
Canvas, paper or any other – on purpose

Now I am on my way
I am Arting!
I am Painting!


Match it
Don’t match it
Blend it
Add it
Wash brush – wash brushes
Towel – towels
Now making a mess

How I work Best!


Ah painting, it is bliss!

Brush the paint on or use any other implement… !
Art it – Artwork it – Work it
Expression it

Too close for too long…
Walk away!
Now View…

Touch up here, touch up there
A little more colour?
More detail?


A Luxury Painting here
A Luxury Painting there
Luxury Paintings everywhere!

Placed on easels to dry
There are many more
Laid out flat here, there
Anywhere and everywhere!

Clean, clean, wash, wash,
The tools of my profession…

My Art Studio is a Mess
This Is How I work Best !


Some of my tools,

I am proud to say, are over twenty years old
It is these tools, that assist me to create my ‘Gold!’
Luxury Paintings by MHAngelis – Painter /
Marisa Angelis – Artist -Visual Artist, Painter, Designer, Writer, Poet, Photographer…

Tidy up!
Now prepare,
For my continuous Arting – Painting of Luxury Paintings – next time

A Joy to paint the Luxury Painting and the Luxury Paintings
A Joy for me
A Joy from me
For All to see, view and shop!
A Joy !
To Love and To Like

For All to EnJoy!


“Joy to The World!
During This Glorious Festive Season…
Wishing You All a “Merry Christmas!” – “Seasons Greetings!”
“Safe And Happy Holidays!” “Good Health, Peace, Happiness and Love!”

“Happy New Year 2022!”

To be Continued next year… Luxury Paintings by MHAngelis – Painter
Take Care – Stay Safe – Blessings to All – Sincerely Marisa Angelis

See You Next Year!!! @

“Happy Art!”

MHAngelis -Painter 🎨🖌 Marisa Angelis -Artist 👩🏻‍🎨



” From The Depth Of My Arting Heart Of Painting
Best Wishes – Marisa Angelis – Artist


Dear Reader, What Tools Do You Use In Your Profession?

All Artwork Images Photography, Poem Poetry Text / Blog / Story 2021
© Marisa Angelis  

Marisa Angelis - Artist
Marisa Angelis – Artist

Visual Artist, Painter, Designer, Writer, Poet, Photographer

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