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Angels Are Love Angels Are Light Angels Are Universal Messengers


Angels Are Love, Angels Are Light, Angels Are Universal Messengers…
Here is a Celebration and realisation of the creative depictions, The Paintings of my Luxury Paintings of Angels !
‘Angel’ from the Hellenic / Greek word Αγγελος Angelos / Aggelos meaning God’s Messenger.
From the beginning of time and right up to present…
Light – Halos – Wings of Birds !
Angels may be People
Angels are God’s communicators…
Between Heaven and us Beings on Earth!
In most cultures, religions, In faith, in Art, Paintings, sculpture, architecture and everywhere else – Angels!

Angels vibe our lives. Some say that Butterflies come to us in Angel vibes. Butterflies flutter before us, land on us or on something to show us a heavenly – spiritual message!

We can all be good Angels if we choose… Good deeds and kindness are the work of the Good Angel(s) within us all!

MHAngelis -Painter 🎨🖌 Marisa Angelis -Artist 👩🏻‍🎨

My Luxury Paintings, over the years that depict Angels or Angelic theme presence!

2021 Seraph -  available in Shop
2021 Mihail -  available in Shop
2012 Aspire  -  available in Shop
2011 Uriel (Name of an Angel Light) -  available in Shop
2008 World Citizen -  available in Shop
2008 Global Diversity -  available in Shop
2007 Christos -  available in Shop
2007 Archangel Gabriel (Greek- Chief Messenger to God)
2005 Ikona-Panayia with Baby Hristos (Greek- Icon of Mother Mary with Baby Jesus)
2001 Guardian Angel 
1995 Aron (English- Exalted One)
1994 Eternity (Ayapi) (Greek- Love)

The Work of Angels – Poem – Digital/ Graphic Art – Video Art © Marisa Angelis 2010 – MarisaAngelis-Artist 2021

Dear Reader, Care To Share Your Angelic Experience?” 🎨🖌

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Marisa Angelis – Artist
Marisa Angelis – Artist

Visual Artist, Painter, Designer, Writer, Poet, Photographer