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Kites Are Lovely Pieces Of Joy That Take Me Back To A Wonderful Day’s Memory In Primary School

Kite Flying Sky – photograph 2020 – Marisa Angelis – Artist Photographer

This lovely piece of joy took me back to primary school when I built a kite using a green garbage bag, cane sticks, flour, water and added my transfer with silver spray paint ‘The Rolling Stones’, together with the band’s mouth and tongue logo! I wonder what Mick would say?

My teacher was Australian of Italian heritage and he showed the class ‘how to’ and go ahead…

As we all discovered on that very windy day at the school oval, my kite, was the only kite that was complete and functional.

As I held my Kite and ran, it picked up wind and up, up and up it went!

“Whoa!!!” My fellow class mates yelled!

“You did it!”
“Well done!”

Then all of a sudden a huge dark cloud and downpour ‘dampened’ our afternoon.

Five minutes to home time.  I rushed off with the kite partially tucked under my arm, gently tying it on top of my bag carrier and rode home on my bicycle – happy with myself for completing and succeeding my creative task!

Woohoo !  

“Kites Are Lovely Pieces Of Joy That Take Me Back To A Wonderful Day’s Memory In Primary School”

Now, on extremely windy stormy days – I may be somewhere with the one piece roll out Kite, a very clever invention – as I can easily roll it and pack it into its bag in record time and without damage!

My dogs love it!  They become extremely excited. They can be mistaken for children in fur jackets when they see the kite and stare at it up in the sky as it climbs through air higher and higher.

As for me, it is so easy to manoeuvre, all I do is hold on as if I have another dog lead in hand and sit back and enjoy!

With the exception of me, we are fur-ever having fun!

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