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It Was A Lovely Surprise To Discover A Smiling Koala

On a sunny day in South Australia, my puppy, Sage barked continuously for the first time since we welcomed each other into our lives.

‘Sage-ee, Sage-ee, quite’ and out through the backdoor of my home, I found myself in front of the obnoxious weed tree that I refused to pull out of the ground when it first appeared because I wanted a native tree in that spot!

The weed had grown into a lush strong tree – plant, shading the left side of the sunroom and yard, perfect for the intense Australian sunshine.

I looked up into the tree and couldn’t see what the puppy was barking at, with his; ‘its there, its in there’ bulging human like eyes expression…

‘Oh, ahhh!’  My heart and stomach flipped! 

It was a lovely surprise to discover a smiling koala waiting for us in our backyard!

Overjoyed to say the least, her eyes glistening and her face radiated, she looked directly towards me as I chatted to her sweetly, whilst cuddle patting Sage, ‘good boy’.

I rushed inside to retrieve my phone and a treat for the puppy!

Photographing the Koala with ‘you’re a sweet, beautiful girl…’, ‘we’ll look after you, we’ll show the the way’, ‘you’re so sweet, yes you are…’

She genuinely lapped up the attention, with more smiles and poses.

With many photographs and the contented Koala sitting on the branch watching Sage and me, I placed a small bowl of water by the base of the tree and showed the Koala, the bowl of water as I emptied some so the Koala could see the liquid.


By now my family and I had observed and kept the Koala company for half an hour or so and we noticed the Koala started getting restless as she planned on climbing down from the tree.

We all retrieved further away, as far as we could from the tree and surrounding area.

I set my phone to video and began to film as the Koala climbed down on all fours, looking at the bowl of water and crawling passed it, passing us as she made her way to the right side of my large backyard’s fence, now crawl running and entering Australian native plants, flowers, shrubs as she climbed over the fence and into the foothills and bush, back into her natural habitat!

Fast Facts about Koalas

  • Native Animal of Australia
  • Mammals
  • Marsupials
  • Pouch 
  • Vegetarian
  • Endangered Species
  • Eucalyptus leaves are their main source of diet
  • Koalas are not bears
  • Koala Native Animal Australia

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