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You Laid The Foundations For My Artistic Journey Ahead… We Just Didn’t Know It At That Time. I Suppose Destiny And Love Work Like That

My beautiful late Pappou/ Grandfather, was a Greek islander of Anatolian descent. His professions included; Saddler, Farmer, Market Gardener, Soldier and Army Cook, Soap Maker and Distributor during the great depression and a Butcher’s Apprentice. Pappou was a champion Backgammon player and above all a Kind Gentleman as remember by many and those who loved and knew him.

After my Grandparents married they helped raise and support my grandmothers’ three younger siblings and her young widowed mother who outlived my Grandfather. Later in life, my Great Grandmother informed me that my Grandfather was an angel.

Whilst in the army, a fellow Greek ship accidentally blew up my Grandfather and his platoon, mistaking them for the enemy. My Grandfather and a fellow soldier the only two survivors had to bag body parts.

My late Grandparents’ love for each other, was so strong that before the news broke out about the blast, my late Grandmother was on her knees, newly wedded and praying that her husband would be safe.

Amongst his pets Pappou had Tzak, the dog, many cats, horses, donkeys and goats.

Towards the end of the war, Pappou, learnt to converse in Italian with a small group of Italian soldiers, swapping goods for goods, so that he could carry out his soap making.

Immigrating to Australia my Grandparents became Australian.  Proud to be Hellenes/ Greek, excited and anxious to commence their new life in Australia. They had a cat which was very playful, a lot of fun and always performing tricks. Pappou worked extremely hard on the South Australian railways and later in a factory, was self sufficient, cooked and carried out many chores, kept a huge garden of vegetables, herbs and fruit trees; including one of my favourites, wild Cherry trees!

When Pappou planted a wild cherry tree in our backyard and it started growing…  I would go to the tiny non fully grown cherries, pick them…. Hold the miniature cherries in my hand and squeeze them, as I watched the liquid cherry reddish/ purplish colour, rush and run all over my hand and so my excitement, my inspiration for liquid colour – Paint began at an early age!  I noticed how the liquid stained my hand and started rolling it around on my skin – ‘Wow’ !

Above: Luxury Painting ‘ Liberty ‘ by MHAngelis – ©

“Marisa, leave the cherries to grow so we can eat them…”  But little did dad know, what I had discovered! 

When I was a toddler Pappou would sit me on his knee and I would play with his orange beaded komboloi/ Komboloyee, Greek ‘happy’ pass time beads.  Many years later, I found one of the orange komboloi beads tossed in my late Grandparents garage and knew that Pappou was ‘talking’ to me.  One bright orange bead –

“Yiassou (Hello) Pappou!”

Above: I am wearing the Orange Bead from Pappou’s Komboloi (

Pappou’s komboloi of beads, was my creative embedding for designing and creating beaded Luxury Necklaces / Jewellery – Jewelry!

Pappou would have Loved this Necklace ‘Harmony’ perhaps for Yiayia! In his favourite colours – Orange and Carnelian, Handmade, Designed and Created by Marisa Angelis

Whenever my father tried to renovate; repair windows with putty, little fingers followed – I was a crafter from way back!

Sorry dad!  You had to re apply everything twice – maybe even three times!  

I’d follow and watch dad making, fixing, building, growing, nurturing everything!

I was fascinated with creativity!

Dad and Pappou, You Laid The Foundations For My Artistic Journey Ahead… We Just Didn’t Know It At That Time. I Suppose Destiny And Love Work Like That

Pappou was the first of all grandparents to see me and hold me when I was born.  

Three nights before a major life changing event, I dreamt of late Pappou!

In life, I remember his lovely presence and his love for me.

I believe that my Pappou Angelis always watches over me.  I have always felt his love and spiritual presence. 

There are always signs; 

Pappou is the Magpie that sings to me and the Monarch butterfly that flutters before me!  

Above: The Eternal Flame – Candili is Always Lit in My Heart for Pappou

All Artwork Images Photography, Text / Blog / Story, Video Art
© Marisa Angelis  


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It Was A Lovely Surprise To Discover A Smiling Koala

On a sunny day in South Australia, my puppy, Sage barked continuously for the first time since we welcomed each other into our lives.

‘Sage-ee, Sage-ee, quite’ and out through the backdoor of my home, I found myself in front of the obnoxious weed tree that I refused to pull out of the ground when it first appeared because I wanted a native tree in that spot!

The weed had grown into a lush strong tree – plant, shading the left side of the sunroom and yard, perfect for the intense Australian sunshine.

I looked up into the tree and couldn’t see what the puppy was barking at, with his; ‘its there, its in there’ bulging human like eyes expression…

‘Oh, ahhh!’  My heart and stomach flipped! 

It was a lovely surprise to discover a smiling koala waiting for us in our backyard!

Overjoyed to say the least, her eyes glistening and her face radiated, she looked directly towards me as I chatted to her sweetly, whilst cuddle patting Sage, ‘good boy’.

I rushed inside to retrieve my phone and a treat for the puppy!

Photographing the Koala with ‘you’re a sweet, beautiful girl…’, ‘we’ll look after you, we’ll show the the way’, ‘you’re so sweet, yes you are…’

She genuinely lapped up the attention, with more smiles and poses.

With many photographs and the contented Koala sitting on the branch watching Sage and me, I placed a small bowl of water by the base of the tree and showed the Koala, the bowl of water as I emptied some so the Koala could see the liquid.


By now my family and I had observed and kept the Koala company for half an hour or so and we noticed the Koala started getting restless as she planned on climbing down from the tree.

We all retrieved further away, as far as we could from the tree and surrounding area.

I set my phone to video and began to film as the Koala climbed down on all fours, looking at the bowl of water and crawling passed it, passing us as she made her way to the right side of my large backyard’s fence, now crawl running and entering Australian native plants, flowers, shrubs as she climbed over the fence and into the foothills and bush, back into her natural habitat!

Fast Facts about Koalas

  • Native Animal of Australia
  • Mammals
  • Marsupials
  • Pouch 
  • Vegetarian
  • Endangered Species
  • Eucalyptus leaves are their main source of diet
  • Koalas are not bears
  • Koala Native Animal Australia

All Artwork Images Photography, Text / Blog / Story, Video Art 
© Marisa Angelis