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Poem – My Painters Easels And I Always Have A Great Time!

Poem – My Painters Easels And I Always Have A Great Time!

© Marisa Angelis – Artist

Poem – My Painters Easels And I Always Have A Great Time!

Describing my Painters’ tools like that of something alive
Here’s why…

Sometimes in Studio
Sometimes out amongst the trees with the birds, bees, butterflies, pets and all insects

We go together here and there

My Easels and I work together

My Art Painters Easels And I Always Have A Great Time! – MHAngelis (Painter) / Marisa Angelis (Artist)

They Are Made From Wood

My Easels Are Alive!!!
They are from Nature

They Were Once Upon A Time, Long Ago

Part of Trees
They still feel somewhat Alive!

We are professionally attached and they are sentimental to me

Part of my Every day Life’s Career



They were ‘whacked’ together – an Australian term
Made by my father

Dad is so clever and they display
My Luxury Paintings

He brought them and joined them together

So quickly in front of me

Such a long time ago…

My, my, how time flies!!!

Though how humbly
Environmentally friendly!!!

Wood, minimal metal and layers of paint…

My finishing touch
Engraved in the centre ledge panel is my Painters’ name / Signature
‘ MHAngelis ‘

“Don’t no one touch ‘em!!!”

My Easels!

They help me in Arting, in Painting, In work
They Exhibit my Luxury Paintings

I can display them high
I can display them low
They are meant to be
They are meant for me

As only I know how
How to use my tools,
My Easels
With my Canvases in all their angles and ways

Not even over the years have any of my pets tried to claim them!

My Easels have always been respected…

They are untouchable to all but me!

They aren’t fancy in appearance
They aren’t something from the store

They are unique
They are priceless
They are something more…

They serve all my intended Painters’ purposes
They were made with love!


MHAngelis -Painter 🎨🖌 Marisa Angelis -Artist 👩🏻‍🎨


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All Artwork Images Photography, Poem Poetry Text / Blog / Story 2022
© Marisa Angelis  

Marisa Angelis - Artist
Marisa Angelis – Artist

Visual Artist, Painter, Designer, Writer, Poet, Photographer

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