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It Is Joy From My Soul That Pours Into Paint Colour That Mixes Blends And Shades Into My Work Of Transforming Art Into My Final Product Of Fine Luxury Paintings


“Colour!  For those of us who are fortunate, to see it, indeed what a Wonderful gift it is!”

Of course Colour dominates my Artwork!

Before I begin, I would like to add that, Black and White, as I ‘see’ them both are Colours!

Where would we be without them both?!

When it comes to paint, black and white are mostly necessary for mixing, blending and transforming.

Today’s write up though, isn’t about Black or White, it is about Colour!

This reflects in and throughout my Paintings and Artwork

Many times throughout my career, I have been asked if I use paint colours directly out of, tube, container, jar or bottle?

For those of you who are wondering, my answer is No 🙂

I always mix my paint Colour

I am often complimented with;

“Your work is very Colourful”, “I like the Colours You Use”, “You use really nice Colours”, “you definitely know how to mix and blend Colour”, “You know how to match Colours well” and many other wonderful ‘pick ups’ on/ Of my Artwork!

Great!” I say to myself, they saw it, they picked up on my Colour Expression !!!

It Is Joy From My Soul That Pours Into Paint Colour That Mixes, Blends And Shades Into My Work Of Transforming Art Into My Final Product Of Fine Luxury Paintings…

It is Your reflection from my Art Colour to You!

You will ‘see’ Feel, what reflects to Your Soul

Red, Yellow, Pink, Blue, Purple, Orange, Green, Black, White, Silver, Gold and Everything else inbetween!

My Artworks Paintings are Luxury Paintings – Love Soul Spirit and Happiness is always poured into them through paint Colour, Design and Creation…

Final Product – Luxury Painting(s)

Painting/ Paintings by MHAngelis The Painter (MHA) The Painter

Marisa Angelis – The Artist!


above: The World Is My Paint Box – Filled with Colour!

Dear Reader,

What’s Your

Favourite Colour /

Favorite Color ?


All Artwork Images Photography, Text / Blog / Story
© Marisa Angelis  

Marisa Angelis – Artist
Marisa Angelis – Artist

Visual Artist, Painter, Designer, Writer, Poet, Photographer

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It Remains Forever Embedded Into My Creative Being…

₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪ ARCHITECTURE ₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪ ₪ ₪ ₪ ₪

It all began when my family took me for a trip to The Hellenic Republic/ Greece.

My curiosity and intrigue developed when I sat on my father’s shoulders for the ultimate tour, as we all walked through the ruins of ancient Athens, Olympia, Ireon/ Heraion and everywhere else! 

‘Archi’ – is from the Hellenic/ Greek word meaning ‘Beginning’

‘Tekton /Tecture’ – from the Hellenic/ Greek word ‘Techne’ – Skill – Artisan/ Craftsman – Craftsperson!

Architecture is ‘The Beginning of the Skill’!

So, Architecture or being an Architect is beyond ‘building’ as in ‘construction’ as in mud huts, bricks, timber, concrete etc.

We are The Architects of our Architecture… 

We Plan,  Design,  Construct, Evolve… Travel – Reside – Travel

Structure – Life or as in a Building, or as in my Profession, a Painting!


I enjoy Architecture so much, that in most of my Luxury Paintings, it is likely that there will be some form of Architecture incorporated into my artwork.

Sometimes, the Architecture is the whole process, not just the visual or visual outcome – product/ product of Creation…

Touring the most magnificent Architectural sites of early ‘civilisation’, was indeed visually confronting and an amazing experience to say the least!

Statues of people, lions, animals, Corinthian pillars, antiquities, part ancestry, part mystery and all a priceless education.

Flashes of Architecture, Art, Sculpture, Character Houses with Expressions.

Blue and white – ocean, sky, green shrubs, trees, rubble and golden sunshine beaming into my eyes, as I looked on at the shadowy silhouettes from my surroundings.

Yes, it was exciting and a wonderful memory! 

I was introduced to ancient Hellenic culture; inventions; arts, architecture – The Parthenon at the Acropolis, science, mathematics – Pythagoras, philosophy, medicine, diversity, Hellenic mythology, history, cuisine, olive oil, goats, donkeys, horses, the aroma of Ouzo, travelling market garden sellers, three wheeler trucks and that the ocean in this part of the world, was not inhabited with sharks!


Since that time, I have travelled to diverse destinations, mystical lands of various cultures and have discovered, learnt, worked, observed and enjoyed Architecture right up to present.

I see how the rest of the world has influenced Australia my country of birth and in particular South Australia; grand old houses that once belonged to British lords, Mediterranean naval villa’s, Stationmaster cottages, Dutch dwellings, Corinthian pillars, Meanders, Greek and Chinese key motifs, modern Iranian architecture, Spanish villas and so on…

As my Artwork of luxury paintings are expressively created – evolving; painting, designing,  graphic digital images, photography and jewellery/ jewelry design all naturally include a significant influence of Architecture.


‘Structure?’ Okay! Lets not complicate it! Simply, Yes of course! Look deeper and deeper into the abstract and expressionism!

Architecture has inspired my life, thoughts, feelings and creativity in every possible way.

My Luxury Paintings /Artworks at Luxury Paintings by MHAngelis – Marisa Angelis -Are influenced by Architecture;


For example:  What is ? ₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪

Is it a ‘Grecian Key’ or a ‘Greek Fret’ ?

Is it an Ancient Hellenic Design used in Architecture and Art?

Is it a Greek Motif used time and time again everywhere around and throughout the world and in important buildings of governance – notoriety – nobility or Art Deco era Architecture?

This Design is the ‘Meandros’ or commonly known in English as ‘Meander’ 

Meandros is named after the twisting and turning path of the Maeander River in Asia Minor/ Anatolia, Anatole – Hellenic Greek – part of my ancestry – now Turkey. The Meandros is featured prominently in Hellenic Architecture because it belongs to the Hellenic/ Greek Empire.


You may notice that I incorporate this architectural design into my website. You may also notice that I sometimes incorporate this architectural design or architecture into my artwork -> Luxury Art Paintings, -> Luxury Necklaces and other Art Pieces – It Remains Forever Embedded Into My Creative Being – Here is an example;

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