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Vibrant Adelaide, South Australia Beautiful Throughout Any Season

above: Vibrant Adelaide – Luxury Painting by MHAngelis – Marisa Angelis – Artist

I wish to acknowledge the Kaurna people, Indigenous, First Nations of South Australia


Vibrant Adelaide is the capital, with its many parks and gardens, restored heritage buildings and the current Wow! Of new developments, sky scraping buildings and hotels of diverse architecture.

Beautiful throughout any season, Adelaide’s Mediterranean climate, boasts a generous wine industry at Clare Valley, Barossa Valley and Southern Coastal areas, McLaren Vale.

Adelaide was once known as the City of Churches. Now, it is world famous for innovation and technology, space research, sports, arts and cultural events.

We have really cool and friendly people here too, hence Adelaide is often described by the rest of Australia as a big country town!

Throughout urban planning history, Adelaide is described as one of the best planned cities in the world.


The city’s and state’s beauty comes from both its lovely outback and sea!

Through the centre of The City of Adelaide, flows the beautiful quaint River Torrens. The river lies on a narrow coastal plain. To the west is Gulf of St Vincent and to the east, the Mount Lofty Rangers.

Clean pristine beaches and the awe wonderful Kangaroo Island, a fantastic attraction, a must for any visitor.

South Australia features, hills, valleys, vineyards, mountains and gorges

A favourite to most, especially stargazers, campers, hikers and nature lovers is outback Flinders Ranges, north of Adelaide!




  • The original name for Adelaide is Tarntanya – Red Kangaroo Place
  • Anyone from Adelaide is referred to as an Adelaidian!
  • South Australia is known as The Festival State
  • Adelaide was the wife of the British King William IV
  • First European settlement was by English Lords and the only state in Australia not to be settled by convicts
  • Since 25 November 1982 Adelaide, South Australia State Colours are -Blue, Red, Gold
  • 1627, mariners had sailed along the south coast until January 1802 aboard the ‘Investigator’ ship Mathew Flinders the explorer sailed onto the area known to us today as South Australia
  • Adelaide was planned by Colonel William Light in 1836, with its city centre laid out on a square mile grid, wide streets surrounded by 930 hectares of parklands
  • Marisa Angelis – Artist / MHAngelis Painter – Studio – is located in Adelaide, South Australia and many of my Luxury Paintings are inspired by Adelaide, South Australia

– Adelaide –
From the city to the Bay
Guaranteed a Beautiful Day!

Adelaide – Poem 2010 – 2021 © Marisa H. Αngelis


Someone once mentioned to me, that their favourite memory of Adelaide, South Australia was the delicious fruit. Hope you make your way to SA – Adelaide, South Australia and enjoy an awesome memory of your own!

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Marisa Angelis - Artist
Marisa Angelis – Artist

Visual Artist, Painter, Designer, Writer, Poet, Photographer