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Uriel The Angel – Explosive! Luxury Painting From Greek Hebrew



From Greek and Hebrew

Uriel is the Angel of Light and Fire

Interpreted as ‘God is Light’ or ‘Fire of God’

Depicted in my Luxury Painting, travelling, Light of Fire – illuminating with explosive speed through the cosmos/ universe, the bright yellow ball of fire light trails – ripping through the atmosphere!

As an orb!

Space Travel

Uriel is What You See!

A Beautiful Painting…

Uriel is the Gift of Luxury Painting

Uriel is Interior Design

Uriel is The Present for a Present

Uriel is Decor

Uriel is for The Art Collectors

Uriel is for the Art Investors

Uriel is for Lovers of Fine Art !


Uriel Luxury Painting Product Information is available here


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Marisa Angelis – Artist

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