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Delighted That Visitors Signed, Dated And Commented My Book

What a great honour and opportunity that my life’s career presented !

At my Artworks Exhibitions, I always positioned a table by my carefully – precision display of Luxury Paintings, Mosaics, Poems, Art Models and Handmade / Designed Jewelry / Jewellery – Luxury Necklaces

There I was, as the public entered, ready to welcome, meet and greet as many curious and enthused people that arrived

“Welcome to my Art Exhibition, I am Marisa Angelis the Artist, would you like a flier? If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask”

When their viewing was almost over, people would make their way towards me and I would ask, if they would like to sign my Visitors book or stop myself from asking, as I noticed most people would automatically pick up the attached pen and happily sign my visitors book.

Of course I felt delighted that visitors signed, dated and commented my book!

In this blog, I have selected to share some of the comments and feedback that I received from people / Critics, as well as several of my Luxury Paintings that were also presented at real/ non virtual exhibiting!


What The Critics Say!

I found it fitting to include a Poem as well!

Ocean Dream Colours Paint

₪₪₪ In my Art works there are Ocean Themes ₪₪₪
₪₪₪ In my DNA and in my Dreams... ₪₪₪
₪₪₪ Colours  Shapes ₪₪₪ 
₪₪₪ I am Flowing ₪₪₪ 
₪₪₪ I am Floating ₪₪₪ 
₪₪₪ In a Sea of Paint! ₪₪₪

Ocean Dreams Colours Paint – Poem 6 June 2021 © Marisa Angelis – Artist – Poet

Art From The Archives Marisa Angelis

This Art Video will take you through a photographic journey of some of my Art Exhibitions:
It gets better as you go >>> 
Includes Art Pieces, Mosaics and Art Models made from up-cycled – recycled material.
Luxury Paintings, jewelry and Luxury Necklaces, Art Exhibitions, Marisa Angelis – Artist in Studio, at the Artists’ Art Exhibitions, Nomination Photography, Photography and much more…


All Artwork Images Photography, Poem Poetry Text / Blog / Story, Video Art 
© Marisa Angelis  

Marisa Angelis – Artist
Marisa Angelis – Artist

Visual Artist, Painter, Designer, Writer, Poet, Photographer

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Hi World! Welcome!

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