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Creatively Dedicated Artists Painters People Always Find A Way

Here I am with my headlamp during the Painting of one of my recent Luxury Paintings – Irish !


Not even an electrical power outage – will ever stop me from painting!

MHAngelis – Painter

What do miners, climbers, mechanics, trades people, others and ‘unstoppable’ Artists’ Painters’ have in common… ?

Headlamps !

Yes, headlamps!

When I am working – painting throughout the night / Or day in my indoor Art studio or outside in my outdoor Art studio and I need more light – I put on my Headlamp and continue!

I continue painting my Luxury Paintings, creating my Luxury Art pieces !

It is always important to have a few headlamps, fully charged before hand and – – – Go!

NB: Regular headlamp breaks are important!

Irish – MHAngelis – Marisa Angelis – Artist
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Marisa Angelis – Artist
Marisa Angelis – Artist

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