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Are You The Artist, On The Radio Station?

Above: Marisa Angelis – Artist
Idols – MHAngelis – Marisa Angelis – Artist

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In 1999, I approached Radio Stations in Adelaide, South Australia and became a regular guest poet and share presenter with one of the most popular FM bandwidth Australian Greek radio stations that reaches listeners world wide.

For my introduction, I discussed my Art work, Luxury Paintings and how Cultural Diversity – Australia, Multiculturalism and the Environment are the core of my Creativity.

Back then no one knew the term Cultural Diversity or what it was/is.  

I am the person who brought forth and made ‘Cultural Diversity’ known through various media channels.  

The term; Cultural and Diversity was brought together in 1998 after a deeply personal experience shook my awareness of people and cultures and how they saw each other. 

One night, as I sat on a red sofa, I opened the dictionary and looked at both words, bringing them together; Cultural Diversity.

In 1999, the media journalists; newspapers, sporting clubs, industries were becoming aware of and ‘picked up’ on ‘Cultural Diversity’ !

I continued to recite my Poetry, hosting competitions and participating in extensive interviews, including Talk Back with listeners throughout Australia and the World which remains another highlight of my career.

My weekly radio segment brought a little happiness and excitement into the lives of many listeners with opportunities for the general public to win and grin, as I offered my up-cycled art pieces and painting ‘Idols’ as prizes!

My interviews were in English, Greeklish, Greek and I had a wonderful time ‘brushing up’ on my Greek!

This experience was educational; I crafted my language skills, it built confidence in me – The professional Artist and Poet and I was truly honoured that my poetry was being enjoyed by a great number of listeners!

From time to time people of all backgrounds and walks of life, would ask “Are you the Artist, on the radio station?” 

Whilst my regular weekly segment was happening, I was invited to another two Radio stations; On FM bandwidth, one was for Australian Ethnic broadcasting that broadcasted throughout Australia and the other on AM bandwidth International, reaching listeners all over the world!

A tremendous opportunity for me to discuss my Art Paintings and Poetry / Jewelry/ Jewellery / Art Models/ Mosaics and exhibitions as well as inviting everyone to view my Art in galleries, establishments, festivals and anywhere else that my Art was being exhibited.

At my time with the International radio station, I was offered my own Radio program. 

The phone wouldn’t stop ringing, interest and popularity was strong, Theodoris the presenter, handed me a microphone, “The mics yours! Please come back, people love what you are doing, people relate to you… Look, the phone hasn’t stopped ringing the whole time we have been on air!”

Not only was being on Radio fun and interesting… I was overwhelmed by the public’s genuine interest and liking of my artworks – my Luxury Paintings, my knowledge of diverse subjects and representing Cultural Diversity for The Goodness of Humanity!

Cultural Diversity does not only represent a place/ Country, ancestry… Cultural Diversity represents variety, broadmindedness and everything in Life!


Marisa Angelis – Artist
Marisa Angelis – Artist

Visual Artist, Painter, Designer, Writer, Poet, Photographer