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The Exhilaration Buzz Of New Stationery Arts Crafts Supplies


Ever since I was a child, I felt exhilarated whenever I walked into a stationery store, received my new stationery for another new year at school, entered Painters’, Artists’ Crafters’ stores, or even hardware stores! A total buzz for us Artists

One of my most memorable times was, as a tourist. I got ‘lost’ in an absolutely gigantic – enormous store that went on and on and on in items, storage, shelving and endless choices!

This was Artists’ Painters’ Crafters’ paradise!!!

Back in Australia, there weren’t any stores as enormous as this store that I knew of – anywhere!

‘Had I hopped on a Rainbow, riding on the rays?’

– MHAngelis – Painter

There were what seemed like, kilometres and kilometres of endless colours of items – same in different shades, brands and sizes !

I spent most of the day’s daylight in there because it was late morning when I entered the monstrosity and by the time I exited, it was that part of the day that one knows the sunlight is about to start winding down.

That store catered for every Artists’ dream supplies!

I had a budget, but like a child in a candy store, I had to make decisions and sacrifices on those decisions!

Overwhelmed, is a perfect way to describe The Exhilaration Buzz Of New Stationery Arts Crafts Supplies before me!

Back in my Art studio, I continued and continue to paint and create…

Word of Advise to All non Painters’ Artists’ Crafters’

When a Painter, Artist, Crafter announces “I need, or I want to get…”
There is no such of “You have enough!” Or “You have enough already!” An insult to us!

As a matter of fact ‘We’ Artisans – Virtuosos can never have enough supplies. We are Always Creating, Arting, Painting, Perfecting our Craft(s) –

Luxury Paintings!

We The Painters, We The Artists, We The Crafters

Are Constantly Creating

We Can Never, Ever, Have Enough !

MHAngelis -Painter 🎨🖌 Marisa Angelis -Artist 👩🏻‍🎨


🐝🐝”Dear Reader, Which Colour Gives You A Buzz and Why?” 🎨🖌


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Marisa Angelis – Artist
Marisa Angelis – Artist

Visual Artist, Painter, Designer, Writer, Poet, Photographer