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When It Comes To Painting I Am Professionally Greedy Painter Artist!


“When It Comes To Painting I Am Professionally Greedy Painter Artist!”

Greedy for the best Paint to mixing Colours to Create my work of Art!

The Paint

The Painting

The Surface

The Canvases

The Brushes

Stationery…. Ahh! ! !

We all Like and Love a Fantastic Outcome!
It makes us Feel – Happy!
Hence one of my mottos “Happy Art!”

Before any outcome though,

There is Preparation
The ‘Feel’ and Go – To – The – Journey – of – The Painting!

Allow me to explain…

Painting is not a sporting race, sometimes though, it is a race against The Paints’ drying time!

Speaking, or writing of time… Over time, I have developed my own Rhythm into my unique Artistic style MHAngelis Painter – Marisa Angelis – Artist.
This is how it is, this is who I am, a Professional Painter Artist

‘Greedy’ for Paint, To Paint, To Create Colour – Lots and Lots of Colour or Color (depending on the spelling you relate to)

‘Relate’ Now that I am here and you have come this far…

My Paintings – My Luxury Paintings – To – You – Relate !

Until next time… I ask


Dear Reader,

What Is Your Greed? Do Tell… 😁” 🎨🖌


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Marisa Angelis – Artist
Marisa Angelis – Artist

Visual Artist, Painter, Designer, Writer, Poet, Photographer

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