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I Like The Colour Grey… Why Do People Find It Confusing?


Although my schooling started in Australia, my understanding of literacy commenced when learning American/ US English at night school in Europe and then British UK English when re settling into my Australian – British UK schooling again.

It was in Australia when I realised (realized) that Grey is Gray as well!

Mix Black with White and we have Grey/ Gray!

I Like The Colour Grey… Why Do People Find It Confusing?

Personally, I do not find Grey confusing

Grey or Gray is a versatile ‘include me’ anywhere colour/  Color in Paintings – decor or even attire!

Grey, may be a prominent  Stand Out colour

Grey, may be a Blend In – Shade In – Fade In with the rest Colour

What a lovely colour it is!?

Grey, is an interesting mix of colour, so much so, that when I paint, artwork or look at Gray, it is a ‘malleable’ colour

My Luxury Paintings often feature the colour – color – – Grey – Gray 

At one of my Art Exhibitions of Paintings, an Art Viewer/ Admirer turned to me with; ‘You make Grey look Beautiful’.  Humbled by the delightful remark and glad that someone likes my usage of Grey, I had that ‘Yea!’ moment 

MHAngelis -Painter 🎨🖌 Marisa Angelis -Artist 👩🏻‍🎨

Shop - Some of my Luxury Paintings that feature the colour Grey/ Gray 

Melody   Spirit And Soul   Pixels   
Beautiful Australis   Pythagoras’ Cup   
Malaysia   Kuwait   Cambodia   
Agios Kostandinos   Swimming   

Dear Reader, Do You Like Grey?” 🎨🖌


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Marisa Angelis – Artist
Marisa Angelis – Artist

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